The Demand For Video Conferencing Is Increasing Over Time – Why So?

The Demand For Video Conferencing Is Increasing Over Time – Why So?

There are many benefits of video conferencing with Polycom in Dubai, and the use of this technology is growing steadily as the number of employees working from home increases. It can be used to conduct business meetings and collaborate with others simultaneously, allowing companies to continue operations even during a pandemic. For these reasons, the demand for video conferencing solutions continues to increase. But why is this? How does it help companies?

Helps improve human connections

For one, video conferencing helps improve human connections. According to research, 87% of remote team members feel closer to their co-workers because they have video connections. It also facilitates remote working, and 36% of employees would take a pay cut to work from home. Another benefit of video conferencing is that it allows for screen sharing and helps build its culture.

It reduces travel expenses and fosters better collaboration

Businesses have adapted to this trend by implementing video conferencing. In addition, it reduces travel expenses and fosters better collaboration between employees. Moreover, video conferencing is ideal for remote workers. More than half of employees working from home feel connected to their colleagues and are more productive. The increased adoption of video conferencing in today’s workplace has made it possible to work from home and maintain a high productivity level.

Video conferencing market is booming due to Covid-19

The video conferencing market is booming due to Covid-19, and its adoption has reached new heights. In the last few years, video conferencing has grown in popularity. In 2019, the global market for video conferencing services was expected to reach $3.85 billion. And with these new trends, businesses will be able to meet the ever-increasing need for communication. You won’t believe how much more productive your employees are if you can have a live video conference with them.

The demand for video conferencing is increasing over time. It is becoming the most common communication method for businesses and people. It is used for 1:1 meetings and large group meetings. Its benefits extend to the hiring process, training, and collaboration. It is also used in customer/partner negotiations, which is good option for small businesses. More than 40% of the companies say that video conferencing increases employee engagement. And 43% of the respondents said that their business is more efficient when using video conf call solutions.