Steps to Prepare a Power of Attorney in Dubai

Steps to Prepare a Power of Attorney in Dubai

First of all, you must prepare a Power Of Attorney in Dubai. This is a legal document executed by a person named the agent. This person will act on your behalf in the event of your incapacity. It must be drafted carefully, ensuring that it records the correct powers without omitting any important information or transferring excessive power. The document should also clearly reflect your intentions so that a third-party executor can understand what your desires are.

Make sure you have a notarized copy of the document:

After preparing a power of attorney, you should have a notarized copy of the document. If you are preparing a POA for your company or your real estate, it should be Arabic. You can use an Arabic-language legal translator to translate the document. The process varies depending on the country, and the beneficiaries speak the language of your Power of Attorney. To ensure its legality, your Power of Attorney must be bilingual.

Must visit a notary public in the UAE:

Once you’ve completed a power of attorney, you must visit a notary public in the UAE. A notary public will stamp the document and register it in the court records. You will need to have two originals of the Power of Attorney document signed. After it’s notarized, you should visit an authorized typing center to get it notarized. The notary public will return the original to you.

Must sign the document in Arabic or English

Once you’ve completed the document, you must have the notary authenticate it by notarizing it with a notary in the UAE. Then, you must sign the document in Arabic or English. Then, you should file the document at the UAE Embassy. If you’re preparing a power of attorney in Dubai for a business, you can opt for a dual-language version of the document.

If you’ve already hired a lawyer in the UAE, a UAE-based attorney can prepare a power of attorney. You can explain your wishes in an elaborate document and appoint an agent to carry out your instructions. Your attorney can also carry out decisions on your behalf and execute your will when you’re unable to. A power of attorney can protect your principal assets and prevent them from being misused by someone else.

Once you’ve completed the documents, you can have the documents notarized by a Dubai notary public. If you’re not a UAE resident, you can use a notary in your home country to legalize the document. Then, it would help if you got the notary to stamp it with an official seal. Once the notary notarizes the document, it will be valid.