What to Check after Getting Repaired Your Car

What to Check after Getting Repaired Your Car

The first thing to check after getting your Mercedes Service is the alignment of the doors. Some repairs are more noticeable than others, which can be a red flag. The mechanic must have followed strict guidelines, so make sure you test drive your vehicle after the repair. If you see gaps between the body panels, the body is not aligned properly. If it rattles, it’s probably something that needs to be fixed.

Look for uneven tire wear:

After getting your car repaired, look for uneven tire wear. This can be a sign that the front suspension wasn’t repaired properly or straightened out. Bring your car back to the shop, along with the receipt, and show the manager the pattern of tire wear. The shop should fix the problem for free under warranty if you can. Suppose you can’t get a satisfactory answer, file a complaint with the state insurance department. The process varies from state to state, but most states will let you file complaints online.

Check whether the parts were replaced with OEM parts:

Another important thing to check after repairing your car is whether the parts were replaced with OEM parts. You can find out this information on the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, be sure to ask the mechanic to check your car’s alignment. This may be due to improper alignment of the car, which is an unsafe practice. Also, be sure to pay attention to warning lights. If they’re not working properly, you might have to pay for the repair yourself.

Check the paint job:

Your car might need a fresh coat of paint, and an experienced auto body shop will be able to provide an exact match. However, you should be wary of shops that don’t use OEM parts or pass on used ones. Don’t trust if the paint job looks too much like an after-market part. In any case, the paint job should look flawless and match the rest of your car.

Make sure you get an estimate:

When getting your car repaired, make sure you get an estimate. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if a shop has repaired the car correctly. Ensure the paint is in good condition and the mechanic has used OEM parts. Aside from checking the paint, you should also check the car’s alignment to avoid any damage. A properly aligned vehicle will be easier to drive, and it will also look more like a brand new one.

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